Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

For the party night of the year, I am spending the evening in with my man and my dog - very grown up. Marks & Spencer's Liverpool Street looked liked it had not had a delivery for a while but we managed to get some good steaks and cakes and crisps and crab.............yum.
I can't wait to try out my new old school bowl champagne glasses at midnight!!!!!!!!
Have fun!
Cheers xxxx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Large Engraved Necklaces From the Original Collection

These are the pieces developed for my Masters Degree, I love the over sized proportions (they are 6cm wide) of a design originally inspired by Victorian lockets. Each piece has been beautifully hand engraved and highly polished which is not normally done in fashion statement jewellery these days so it feels and looks really good and luxurious x

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Kathryn and Rainy from EC One come to my studio the other week to record me! Argh, It is always so weird seeing yourself and hearing your own voice. We had some red wine first so that helped and it was good fun in the end.

Kat also has her own blog Like Gold Dust which is really good as she is very into her jewels! x

New Diamond Cosmos Collection!

Here are some new pieces! I have called it the Cosmos Collection because the white diamonds are sprinkled randomly over the blackened silver to look like stars in the sky.
I have used 9ct yellow gold again for the detail as it just looks really good and keep that vintage feel. I will try and get some pictures up of me wearing it as it always looks best on ! x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Maeby Baby!

I have a Puppy! Her name is Maeby and she is a lovely red fawn Whippet - I am totally besotted. We live right next to the huge Victoria Park in East London which she loves & there are a lot of dog owners here so plenty of others to play with, it seems I am a new found fan of the French Bulldog too! x

New Pictures!

Here are some new styled photos, they show some classic pieces and well as a couple of new bits. They are going on my website which should be launched very soon......x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Press Coverage - Cosmo Bride!

Cosmopolitan Bride Have done some beautiful shots for their new issue - made especially so as they feature the Love Stack Ring!
The look of the shoot is very warm and easy going, I imagine a Somerset farm with plenty of potent cider for the guests to wash down their cheese whilst listening to some old rockers twanging their guitars!! sounds like a good day out to me x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

These are some photos we took of the Medium Floral Necklace, YES Necklace and Small Feather Charm Ring ............................and how I wear them. The light in the park was so good and the trees were so bright and green, I love summer! x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Medium Floral 9ct Gold Fine Necklace

This is the medium size (10mm) Floral necklace in 9ct yellow gold. I have threaded the fine chain through the drop so that it kind of dances when you move - I love the way jewellery can be subtle but them catch the light and your eye. I have also done a slightly different engraving on either side to make it more special........£189

Friday, 4 June 2010

Modelling a Cob

This is me eating a very messy cob in Golden gate Park San Francisco, we stumbled across a free blues and folk festival and it all felt very Summer of' '66, especially with all the acid tragedies still rockin out! I thought I would share it as I think I am modelling the gold button bracelet rather well - I also like the man with his dog.

18ct Star Hoops

18ct yellow gold Star Hoops. Again, simple with a smile to vintage........£687

18ct Star Hook Earrings

18ct yellow gold star engraved hook earrings. These are slightly thicker than my other styles as they just look better that way! I have taken a old design and stripped it down to leave the best bit and I think they look great............£548

Mini Floral Hoops & Mini Floral Necklace 9ct Yellow Gold

9ct Mini Floral Necklace

This is the Mini Floral necklace in 9ct gold. It is really delicate and adds a little glint of luxe. The chain threading through the coin  makes it dance about when you move showing engaving on both sides - cute......£96
9ct Yellow gold Mini Floral Hoops. The drops are engraved on either side and the hoops are really simple and delicate, again inspired by the beautiful fine jewellery I see in Paris and mixed with a bit of Victorian vintage......£230

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

9ct Yellow Gold Love Letters Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Love Letters Ring. I made this fine and delicate which is just how I love my jewellery (as do the french who make beautiful pieces) shhhhhh

9ct Yellow Gold Thread Bracelet

9ct Yellow gold bracelet with olive green hand braided waxed cotton. The soft colours are really nice together or as my friend Basia would say 'Muted Tones Darhling'....£95

9ct Rose Gold Thread Button Bracelet

9ct Rose Gold 'on waxed hand braided cotton (I spend alot of time plait, plait, plaiting) I love trinkety jewellery that I can wear all the time and this is cute as a button..........£95

18ct Yellow Gold 'YES' Necklace (Silver Available)

17mm diameter disc with engraved 'YES'. I love the uplifting spirit of this sentiment, so simple and free......................well £578 actually.

 In Silver, the chain is longer at 21" so it sits much lower and has a whole different look. I like it best when it is layered with lots of other treasured chains........£90