Saturday, 9 April 2011

Silver & Diamond

 Firstly, I have been getting some silver pieces ready for summer - medium floral double sided necklaces that have previously only been available in gold, more Cosmos pieces and some new 'Tags'. I am very particular about the chain I use and spend ages searching for the perfect one! at the moment they are from Germany so I have to wait for the delivery before I can finish them...sigh.
Secondly, I am engaged! since New Years Eve and a lovely proposal I have been plotting the perfect ring for me. I have bought a beautiful 0.53ct old cut stone that is off white as I believe they have more personality that way ( I am actually not too keen on the classic white brilliant cut as they can be very generic).  I am making a Target ring which is where the central round stone has another ring of pave diamonds around it - like a target!
This is quite a traditional design but mine will be quite simple and clean in 18ct white gold, no frills attached. I will upload more images as the ring progresses.

It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to create this precious ring and I am loving it!