Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nice Piece in ShowStoppers Blog

A Few New Pieces

I have been busy making some new pieces, some of which are now available to buy online at EC One, and others that will be on my website very soon. Here is a quick preview.....
Double sided 9ct yellow gold Mini initial necklace, this is very similar to the mini floral (on the model) but has an initial on one side and the floral on the other rather than double floral. The necklace above is mine and I wear it everyday.

 Double sided 9ct rose tag bracelet with Love on one side and Cupid's arrow on the other on a hand braided cotton cord. This is a new addition to the button bracelets but will also be available in 9ct yellow as a necklace.

Softly hammered 9ct yellow gold hoops, simple jewellery box staples. These will be available in yellow and rose gold.

These should all be online soon...................x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Diamond Target Ring for Me!

It's finished! As of Friday, I am the proud owner of a beautiful sparkling diamond target ring (also known as my engagement ring), that I have been busy designing and making.
The central diamond is a 0.53ct old cut that is very slightly off white, which is surrounded by brilliant cut pave set diamonds in the classic 'Target' style 18ct white gold ring.

I have spent much time gazing into a particular antique jeweller's in London that has a glittering display of diamond rings from the Victorian & Edwardian era that gets my heart fluttering. The old cuts are so beautiful and have a totally different allure to the modern brilliant cut that I feel is more synthetic.

For me, the only problem with the antique rings is the intricate openwork setting behind the diamond which often becomes very brittle and  is a little ugly; it also sits directly on the finger which does not allow for the all important wedding band.

I always think of the engagement ring and wedding band as a set that should work together and look beautiful as a whole. Quite often I think people forget about this so the band then looks like an after thought, for me it is  important to allow for extra rings to be added such as an eternity ring as well as the wedding band. Over time, the wedding finger becomes a little precious story as they all stack together to mark all those special events.

With all this in mind (start saving now Mr E), I made the setting very simple and low to the finger but with elevation so that I can stack fine bands with it...
The wedding band is 18ct rose and I am going to engrave an arrow around 1/3 of it - like Cupid's arrow and his target! I love sentimentality in jewellery so I just had to do it.

Anyway, I love it and will happily spend the rest of my life it  x