Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Mai Ring

I have just finished a diamond Target ring for a very nice man who was brave enough to embark on the ring choosing himself. He had seen my own engagement ring and liked the 'new' antique style, whereas mine is made with a slightly off white old cut diamonds and 18ct white gold, this time we went for platinum and a brilliant cut white diamond.

Again, the setting allows for a wedding band to sit right next to it. I'm very happy to say that the future Mrs was very pleased with it so the boy dun good! It is such a pleasure to make something with so much meaning for lovely people. (I put it on my little finger to show the difference in colours and how details can change the look of the same thing)

The ring was sent off in a cute little box that makes the ring look massive in this picture but it is actually very sweet and much easier to hide in your trousers!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Mr & Mrs in NYC

It has been ages.

But I have a good reason! I got married, in Central Park, In New York and it was amazing. I have not been to New York for about 12 years and so was desperate to go, so getting married there seemed like a fun thing to do.

The Ladies Pavillion is a lovely cast iron structure on the edge of the boating lake in Central Park, this was where we had our ceremony with a few friends and family (and some random strangers that wandered by!).

I was lucky enough to be able to wear a beautiful dress by London designer Jenny Packham, her dresses blow everything else out of the water. They are so slinky and well constructed with beautiful materials and detailing, anyone would feel a million dollars with one of her creations. My dress is the Marie Louise. Obviously, I had to have the head band too - Acacia 11, this is also brilliant. The whole look was quite 1930's Hollywood which I never planned but loved.

After the ceremony, we went to The Plaza Hotel for champagne in the very posh Rose Bar. Lots of people were taking my photo which was really weird but the hotel is so beautiful. I love the style of New York, the days before, we were in Brooklyn having a beer at the Juliette - this has such a great old look, then you are at the Plaza which is so opulent. They have kept the great design of the early part of the century and not replaced it with plastic.

After that, we ate at Maialino, a Italian restaurant in The Gramercy Park Hotel - gorgeous food and wine, I highly recommend a visit. Then we went up in the lifts to the Gramercy Terrace and sat in plump sofas surrounded by Damien Hirsts whislt drinking them out of Mojitos. I would LOVE to stay in this hotel, the colours and fabrics are so gorgeous, old style with a new twist, just how I like it..

So a very crazy and brilliant day, I feel very lucky. The whole trip (and the h.moon in California) was much needed rest that has given me loads of ideas and inspiration for my jewellery which I can't wait to get started on. It has also made me want to get straight on a plane back to New York..